29 December 2010

More Meeting Space!

Closing in on the new year, Chab Dai offices in Cambodia reorganized our office to pave the way for our expanding projects in the 2011.
Practitioners, shelter directors, social workers, and counsellors from organizations working to end trafficking & advocate for child protection visit our office regularly for trainings & forums. We now have 2 meeting rooms to meet with members and visitors, including our large conference table that hosts our round-table forums. Another addition is an interview room to meet with clients or member staff for one-on-one consultations.
Next week our project teams will meet for strategic planning, including an evaluation of 2010, setting goals for 2011, and capacity building trainings. Please pray that our team has wisdom and clear direction to continue working against trafficking & abuse in Cambodia!

13 December 2010

‘We Need Capacity-Building Trainings!!’

Today I traveled with Sithy to a popular Cambodian city five hours outside of the capitol to do a training needs assessment with aftercare programs. Together we JOINED HANDS with 5 shelters working in the region and 15 practitioners (social workers, counselors, & shelter managers).
Aftercare shelters here are small, and several are less than a year old. We are excited they have responded to the growing number of trafficking and rape cases reported. However, being so far from the capitol city (& our office) has been a challenge for their staff attending capacity-building trainings and forums. They requested Chab Dai’s presence in the province to assist in raising the standard of care in their programs, and facilitate networking between NGOs.

We have responded.
Chab Dai is planning a week of trainings and forums in January 2010with members & partners to begin addressing the needs outlined at today’s meeting. For a long-term solution, we have emphasized the need for practitioners in the city to share resources, invite members to trainings, and do cross-learning visits to programs. We believe that effectively raising the standard of care can only be done in partnership!

01 December 2010

Lights + Camera + ACTION!!

Chab Dai is making a VIDEO about our learning community and projects in Cambodia. We are excited to finish and share the beautiful model of collaboration and joining hands.

For three weeks we have been interviewing member staff and Chab Dai project managers about what Chab Dai means to them and our impact on their projects. Yesterday and all day today I traveled with colleagues to the provinces to interview village leaders, pastors, and school teachers who have been trained about trafficking from Chan Dai.
Amazing! It was awesome to see the impact Chab Dai is having on communities throughout Cambodia.
Today was full of proud moments for Chab Dai, and the best part is it’s all Khmer driven, visioned, and organized!!
Our Photographer: George Hsia: www.georgehsia.com

23 November 2010

Bi-Annual Member Meeting a Success!

Chab Dai hosted our 11th Bi-Annual Member Meeting with a record 140 staff from member organizations.  Member staff included social workers from aftercare shelters, directors from prevention projects, trainers spreading awareness about child rights in villages, lawyers offering legal services, and socially responsible businessmen.

Over 40 member organizations joined together for two days to discuss and train around the topic of "Setting the Standard: Dignity in Media + Communications".  Speakers motivated participants to focus on HOPE & DIGNITY when sharing stories from shelters and projects; and to use photos and terminology that do not re-exploite or stigmatize survivors.

Chab Dai is committed to raising standards regarding photos and terminology about all children, especially those who have been abused or exploited.  We are currently drafting a media & communications policy, and advocating best practice with our members & partners.