08 August 2011

Church Group Raises Money to End Trafficking

A church group in Northern California organized a yard sale this month to raise money for Chab Dai projects. The group networked to collect clothes, purses, luggage, and books for the cause. Dave & Loni Ghiorso hosted the sale in their front yard two weekends in a row, and set out information about Chab Dai to tell customers that all sales would be donated to ending human trafficking & abuse. The group raised a total of $250!

Advocates like the Ghiorso's church group are valuable to our vision of ending trafficking in Cambodia. 100% of their donation was given to our newest project {Community Hero Project}. The project is supporting & equipping 25 local community leaders {we call them Heroes!} to educate fellow villagers & students about human trafficking & child protection. To help these Heroes transport the training resources easily on motorcycles in villages, their donation will buy large vinyl bags with the words "Community Hero" printed on the side.

This fall two members of the group, both accounting & business gurus, will be donating their time in Cambodia. They plan to train staff & project managers of grassroots organizations working to end trafficking {members of Chab Dai} about budgeting & leadership skills. We look forward to learning from them!

Hey Advocates! Do you want to learn more about how to fundraise for Chab Dai's projects in Cambodia, USA, or Canada &/or to volunteer your time {long-distance opportunities also available}. Email us today for more information: cambodia@chabdai.org OR usa@chabdai.org