Helen Sworn // Founder & Int'l Director / Chab Dai

Originally from the UK, Helen has worked in the field of counter trafficking and abuse since 1999, and founded Chab Dai in 2005. Helen has a graduate degree in Leadership, Innovation and Change from York University, UK. She lives in Phnom Penh with her husband and two children. Find Helen on Twitter: @helen_chabdai

Tania DoCarmo // Program Director / Chab Dai Int’l 
Tania has worked with Chab Dai since 2006, and founded Chab Dai USA in 2008. She is passionate about research & collaboration to end human trafficking and exploitation. Tania has her MS in Anthropology and is pursuing a PhD in Sociology at UC Irvine. 
Find Tania on Twitter: @tania_chabdai

Julia Smith-Brake // Research Consultant / Chab Dai Cambodia
Julia started as an intern for Chab Dai in 2009 and then founded Chab Dai Canada the same year. She recently obtained an MS in Int'l Community Economic Development and is passionate about economic empowerment & capability development. Julia currently lives in Phnom Penh.

Luke Weatherson // Freedom Registry Expansion Coordinator & Technical Adviser
Luke has been working against trafficking in Cambodia since 2011. He is passionate about empowering, equipping and connecting individuals to combat human trafficking. He holds a bachelors degree in Social Work and lives in Phnom Penh.

    Kristina Novakova // Project & Personal Assistant / Chab Dai Cambodia 
Kristina  joined Chab Dai in January 2013 as a Global Learning Community volunteer before coming on the team in 2014. She studied International Politics at Aberystwyth University and went on to work in social work and the anti-trafficking field. She is passionate about advocacy and capacity building in communities.